Our Favorite Product for a Kitchen Renovation

Hello Everyone! 

Have you seen my stories over on Instagram? We have worked hard and reached our goal of a KITCHEN RENOVATION!!!!!

WOOO! So exciting! I remember when we first bought the house and a kitchen renovation seemed so far away. But, its here and we are doing it! And by "we are doing it", I mean we are literally doing it ourselves! 

Talk about hard work! Phew! Kitchen renovations are no joke! We got a little crazy and tore EVERYTHING out on day 1! I quickly realized feeding my family dinner might have its challenges! 

That brings me to what has saved our dinner time during this kitchen renovation! 

This panini/griddle combo! It has two different sides of burner plates. One for sandwiches/paninis and then one side is a smooth top griddle! How awesome! 

My in-laws got this for us for Christmas a few years ago and we love it! It has made our lives so much less stressful because we still feel like we can "cook" while we have no oven/stove. Also, we don't feel like we have to eat out while we have no oven or stove.

We were able to make hot ham and cheese sliders one night for dinner, eggs and hashbrowns one morning for breakfast, and it was a simple solution for our kitchen obstacle. 

Staying on track, sticking to our meal plan, not having extra stress because of the kitchen reno was very important to me. This is why I wanted to share this with you guys today. This would be great for home renos, camping, college kids, etc! 

Talk to you soon! 


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