Grocery Haul - Taking You Along the Grocery List Prep!


This month's grocery list prep only took me about 15 minutes. Yep! Just 15 minutes. Jealous? YOU DONT HAVE TO BE! 

I have created what I like to call my MEAL PLANNING CHEAT SHEET BUNDLE. It has turned out to be something that has saved me SO MUCH TIME AND STRESS! 

Let me tell you about what in this bundle, helped my MONTHLY grocery list planning take only 15 minutes! 

Grocery Staples List

This list is everything that you and your family consume on a daily basis. We are talking about the condiments, the baking needs, the yogurt, the sour cream...the list could go on and on. When you have all of this written down in one place, it takes no time to glance over it while making your master grocery list that you take in the store! 

Breakfast and Lunch Rotation Sheets

Ok, so I don't know about you, but I don't plan out a different breakfast and lunch for everyday of the month. We tend to normally eat the same things and I like to keep them simple so my kids are able to make them on their own. So, I have a sheet for breakfast and lunch with the different options we have, along with the ingredients needed to make those said meals. 

So, when I was making my grocery list, all I had to do was glance over those two sheets and make sure I had everything I needed to make those breakfast and lunch options. 


Pantry Night Ideas List

Who else loves PANTRY NIGHTS?!?!?! I know I do! Pantry nights are the nights where I do not cook and the family can find something for themselves. A fend for yourself night, if you will. I have a list similar to the breakfast and lunch rotation sheets, but this is just for Pantry Nights. It has all of our easy go-to pantry night meals and their ingredients. So, a quick glance at that, and I was done! 


YOU HAVE TO HAVE A MEAL PLAN AND GROCERY LIST TO SHOP! I mean, unless you want to buy a bunch of things you don't need and go over your budget. But, who wants to do that? 

These are just a few of the sheets and tools I used while making my meal plan and grocery list.

Click here to get your very own Meal Plan Cheat Sheet Bundle! 

This will help so much and save you so much time! It makes meal planning and grocery shopping not such a huge, overwhelming task. Breaking it down into these categories helps make sure you do not miss anything! That eliminated extra trips back and forth to the store! 

Watch My Grocery Haul Here!



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