Easy Meals for When Life Feels Like a Construction Zone

Its time for my monthly grocery shopping trip! But, this month is going to be a little tricky because....WE HAVE NO KITCHEN!!!

We have saved and saved towards this goal and it is finally here and being accomplished! Phew! Its so exciting to see your goals come to life but man, renovating a kitchen is NO JOKE!

So, for grocery shopping I am having to really think through my meal plan and find alternate ways to cook some meals and I'm also going to buy what I call "Costco meals". Those are all meals that can be done and on the table in about 5 minutes with little to no prep needed.

Even though I'm talking about my kitchen being a construction zone, sometimes life can feel like a construction zone too. Sometimes it feels as life takes over every ounce of energy, chaos is everywhere and you have nothing left. But, your family still needs to eat. 

Easy Meals for When Life Feels Like a Construction Zone

Stew Meat and Roasts

Stew meat and roasts are a great idea for crockpot meals! Crockpot meals are such a blessing when life is crazy! You can just through everything on one pot and turn it on and WALK AWAY! Come home and dinner is done. No stress, no worrying about what you are going to feed your family. 

Rotisserie Chicken and Ready Made Sides

Let Costco do all the work for you! Seriously! Get a rotisserie chicken and some of their ready-made sides! They are so yummy! We like the mashed potatoes and the scalloped potatoes. These you just heat up in the microwave and DINNER IS DONE!!!!


Kevin's Pre-Made Dinners

These pre-made dinners take all the guilt of making a pre-made dinner for your family! They have such clean ingredients and are still, kid approved and very tasty! My family has tried a lot of these and we have never been disappointed! Serve these with a side of rice or steam a bag of veggies real quick and enjoy!


Pre-Made Deli Casseroles

Letting Costco do the hard work again! I am buying a pre made chicken alfredo from their deli. I am pretty sure you can freeze this as well. Since I do not have a stove currently, I am going to try cooking this on the grill. But, this would be a super easy meal to just throw in the oven and cook. 



Remember, give yourself some grace when life is feeling like a construction zone. It will not last forever. Buy some pre-made meals, use more crockpot meals, do whatever you need to do! Having a meal plan is a great start to a stress free dinner and life! 


Watch My Full Grocery Haul Here








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