Dinner Prep- Prepping Meat for the Whole Month!

We are taking dinner prep to the next level! MONTHLY BULK MEAT PREPPING! 

Buying in bulk can save you time and money but, it can also be overwhelming! Going to the store, buying a huge piece of meat and then you get home and just staring at a huge chunk of meat. 

Sorta scary, right?

I am going to help you break down all this meat and PRE COOK the meat to save time and money for your dinners this month! Also, I want to show you how to store your meat to make sure we have ZERO food wasted!

What We Are Cooking

So, during my monthly grocery shopping trip to Costco, I stocked up on some meat. I got the meat that we like to use in our family's cooking. I got pork, chicken thighs, ground beef, and roasts. 

The pork loin I got was HUGE so I was able to cut the pork loin into thirds and save 1/3 unprepped in the freezer and I will pre cook and prep the other 2/3. 

I bought chicken thighs, not chicken breasts, because we want chicken that is not easily dried-out, like chicken breast would be, for pre cooking. 

How We Are Cooking 

Pork Loins & Beef Roasts

We are going to be prepping the pork loin and roasts as shredded beef and shredded pork. The best and easiest way to do this is in the crockpot! So get your crockpots out and lightly season your pork loin and roasts and cook them on low for 6-8 hours and they will shred up like a dream! 

Ps. Make sure you put your meat fat-side-up in your crockpot so the fat cooks down into your meat and makes it more tender! 

Chicken Thighs

To cook our chicken thighs, we are going t roast them in the oven. Grab a cookie sheet, cover it with some olive oil and put the chicken on the pan, making sure NOT TO OVERCROWD THEM! The chicken will not cook properly if you place too many too close together. Season both sides of your chicken and let them roast until they are thoroughly cooked! Let them cool off and then dice them up! 

Ground Beef

Having ground beef ready to cook is a life saver! All you need to do for this is cook up your ground beef and LIGHTLY SEASON the beef! Make sure you let your ground beef COMPLETLEY COOL before you package it up to freeze. If not, you run the risk of condensation and that leads to ice crystals forming in your bag. YUCK!

Packaging and Freezing

Packaging the meat is all very simple, we are going to make sure everything is completely cooled and portion out the meat depending on how big your family is and how big of recipes you make. 

My family only usually uses 1lb. of meat per recipe so, that is how I separate and package my meat! 


By pre-cooking and pre-prepping your meat, think of all the time and hassle you will save by having that done already! 

Watch The Prepping Video HERE!!!


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