Costco Holiday Finds - 5 Easy Party Foods for your next holiday party!

Today, I am doing one of the most dreamiest Costco videos. I am going in to the store and just browsing and checking out all of their holiday items for this season! 


Christmas will be here before we know it and we all have events and parties to start attending. I am going to show you a few things that make your holiday party food easy and unique! 

5 Easy Party Foods

#1-  Costco Pre Made Pastries

Costco's pre-made pastries are so yummy! They are $9.99 for two packs of four pastries! They have an assortment of flavors like cherry, cream cheese, and almond. I have tried the almond and it is delish! This would be a great, no-prep treat to take to party!

#2- Pumpkin Pies

Do you see how big this pie is? This is a face size pumpkin pie for only $5.99! WHAT!! Such a good price! My sister in law gets these and uses a circle cookie cutter to make mini pumpkin pies to serve! So unique! 


#3-  Scalloped Baked Potatoes

Need a side dish? Don't have time to prepare anything? Don't stress, just go to Costco, grab these baked scalloped potatoes and put them in your own dish at home and no one will suspect a thing! HA! Seriously, these are so good and a great side dish! 


#4- Gingerbread Decorating Kits

Who doesn't love a good gingerbread man cookie? These would be so cool to take to a party! You could even have your kiddos help decorate them before you go! The kids will be so proud to serve some cookies specially decorated by them! These are $9.79 and come with 3 kits. Each kit contains 3 no-bake needed cookies, sprinkles, frosting, and edible decorations! 

#5- Pull Apart Cheese Bread

Ok, so this is definitely a splurge item but, this would be cool and unique to take to a party. It is $11.59 and I am not sure how long Costco will have them around but, it is worth it if you want a fun food to take to a party! I also bet it is delicious.


I hope these ideas help you have an easy, yummy holiday season! Happy Holidays! 


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