5 Costco Dinner Ideas Pt.1


I am so excited to talk to you today because I have got some GREAT Costco meal ideas! 

These are like NO PREP dinners! Like, grab the stuff from Costco and dinner is done in like.....10 minutes.....TOP!

Dinner Idea #1 - Grass-fed Beef Sirloin Salad

This grass-fed beef is so yummy! It is seasoned wonderfully and has pretty clean ingredients. Pair this grass-fed beef with some blue-cheese or feta crumbles and put over a bed of spring mix and its delicious! Simple, healthy, filling dinner done in a flash!

Dinner Idea #2 - Asian Cashew Chopped Salad Kit w/ Rotisserie Chicken 

Ok, so the pre-made Costco chopped salad kits are LIFE CHANGING! They are so delicious and so easy to throw together in a bowl! The Asian chopped salad comes with a sesame dressing. 

Then, you just need to add some chicken. Of course, you can buy the hot, rotisserie chickens, but, I like to buy the rotisserie chicken that has already been pulled off the bone for me! 

Dinner Idea #3- Wontons in Beef Bone Broth

Have you tried the chicken and cilantro mini wontons? They are so good! They are also pretty clean ingredient wise. 

I like to use bone broth because of all the extra protein it has versus regular broth. 

If you add these wontons with some bone broth and some frozen veggies, you will have a super filling, protein-packed meal for your family.

Dinner Idea #4-  Smoked Pulled Pork

Costco has some of the best ready to serve smoked pulled pork! They have a really delicious, smoky flavor and minimal ingredients! One of these containers feeds our family of five!

This meat is super versatile. You could serve it up lower-carb or put it on some rolls for some slider sandwiches!



Dinner Idea #5- Pollo Asada w/ Rice and Beans

This is so yummy to through on the grill for a quick, minimal mess dinner. The pollo asada takes about 5-10 minutes to cook on the grill. 

While that is cooking, you can heat up some of these rice and bean packs to go along with it! It heats up easy in the microwave!



These dinners are sure to be a crowd pleaser! They are super tasty, minimal stress dinners! 

Don't we all need more of those?

Stay tuned for Pt.2!


Want to watch my Costco Dinner Haul?


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