Our Favorite Dinner Time Activity

Who else tries to connect more with your kids during dinner time? Dinner time in our house means no tv, no tablet, no distractions. Just good family time.

We use this time to catch up with our kids. 

How was your day?

How did your math test go?

Did you make any new friends?

Dinner time is a really special time to our family. I feel like you can really get some quality time sitting around the table and sharing a meal. 

But....the mundane questions can put a damper on the dinner time conversations. Kids will eventually get tired of answering the same questions each day. 

I found a solution! 

We LOVE these table topic questions that we bought from Amazon! They are so fun! You can really get a good laugh with some of these cards. You can also learn a lot about your kids with these! 

These topics will also allow your kids to see a more playful, fun side of their parents. I mean what kid wouldn't like mom answering a question like:

"If you could be a superhero, what special power would you choose?"

Now, we do not use these cards every night. We like to pull these out when we are having a mundane week, a kid has had a bad day, etc. You have to try these out! I promise, it is a lot of fun but, it is also a simple way to bring your family closer together.