Our Favorite Car Diffuser

Hello!!!! It is time for What We Love Wednesday!

So every week, make sure to come back to see what products we are loving around here! 

Let's talk smelly cars. Have you ever gotten in to your car and you cant quite figure out what smells so funky? HA! We have three kids, two boys and one girl, and they play HARD! We are constantly going on adventures and the kids are always tracking in mud and dirt! 

We also LOVE to travel with our 15 passenger van. So, as you can imagine, it can get a little smelly then too! 

We love using this car diffuser to help our car smell so good and fresh! This diffuser uses essential oils and it fits PERFECTLY in your cupholder! SCORE!

But sometimes, its not all about the car smelling good. We also like to diffuse calming scents for our long road trips. Stress relief oils are also great when traveling but also when I use my van as my "mobile office". 

Setting this diffuser up and using it is so simple. Just add water, a few drops of oil, and plug it up in the car's USB port. 

Sometimes, you just need your car feeling a little more fresh than usual. Sometimes, you need some peace and calming to spread to your kids fighting in the backseat.

Try this out! We love our car diffuser!