November 2021 Grocery Haul

Ok, so it's time for another monthly grocery haul. That means I am going to take you in to the store with me and show you what I buy to feed my family of 5 for a month. 


Yes, I buy everything we need that can stay in the fridge, freezer, and pantry for a month. For fresh produce and milk, I do small, quick trips every week to pick up JUST THOSE ITEMS!

So, I have my grocery list. Everything on there has an estimated price beside it so I can be sure to STAY IN BUDGET!

Now, for this grocery haul, I am not needing to buy a ton of meat. You can make your meal plan, then shop your fridge, freezer and pantry to make sure you don't over buy and over spend! to the good stuff.

I needed to buy a store-bought baked good for the kids fall festival. I found these HUGE cupcakes at Costco. There was six in a pack for $7.99. ook at how delicious these look! 

Look at these cool, seasonal meatballs! These are Cranberry and Jalapeño Meatballs. They are made by Amylu and can be found at Costco. If I thought my kids would eat these, I would get them! Maybe next time though! 

SNACKS! We are going to give these chocolate chip cookies a try from Costco. They come pre-packaged and there are 30 pouches. We have never gotten these before so we will see how the kids like them! 

We are stocking back up on vinegar. I use vinegar in almost every load of laundry. It doesn't make your clothes stink, I promise! It gets rid of stinky smells and is a great disinfectant! 


We got so many other great things this grocery haul! This is just Costco! I also did a Target pick up order! 

Click this video to see my Costco and Target grocery haul!




Happy Grocery Shopping!