My November Meal Plan Sneak Peek

This year is FYING by! It is already NOVEMBER! Can you believe it?

I am so excited to share a week of my November Meal Plan with you!

Now, before I share with you my monthly meal plan, let me explain why you only see five meals. I only plan for five meals during the week because who actually wants to cook all 7 nights!? 

Not me!


I like to have a pantry night once a week. A pantry night is exactly what it sounds like, you pick something easy to make out of the pantry. Examples would be, a bowl of cereal, quesadilla, sandwich. Whatever is easiest! 

I also plan and cook for leftovers. So, on the nights that I cook, I always cook some extra with our leftover night in mind. This helps reduce waste and saves us time, money and stress! 

November Meal Plan Sneak Peek

Meal #1- Huesvos Rancheros

This is SO easy and a cheap protein to fill up your dinner with. Get a fried egg with a tortilla and top it any way you like! Eggs are a great, cheap protein option!

Meal #2- Pulled pork sandwiches w/ a side of fruit

You could use any recipe you want for the pork or you can buy the already made smoked pulled pork from Costco. My kids LOVE the smoked pulled pork from Costco. Make your pork, put it on a roll, add some sauce and DONE! Easy and delicious!

Meal #3- Homemade pizza w/ salad

This is such a fun recipe! This is always a crowd pleaser because you can always cater to the picky eaters by letting them decide what goes on their slice of pizza! 

Meal #4- Spinach Artichoke pasta w/ side veggie

This is a yummy recipe! If you have picky eaters you can always leave out the spinach, and then, just add the spinach into the bowls that do like it. The spinach will wilt from the hot pasta! You can also cook your chicken ahead of time for this recipe to make dinner time easier!

Meal #5- Slow cooker creamy tomato basil chicken w/ salad

This is a yummy creamy tomato sauce that goes over a chicken breast, cooked in the slow cooker! SO YUMMY! You can start this recipe in the slow cooker and then it is ready whenever you are ready for dinner! 

So, there ya have it. I hope this gave you some inspiration for your meal plan this month! 

If you want to check out my full November Meal Plan, CLICK HERE!


Watch My Meal Plan Here!