December Grocery Haul

Wowza! December is a crazy month, right? You know what else can be crazy and stressful? GROCERY SHOPPING AND MEAL PLANNING. 

I have gotten a routine and plan down to my monthly grocery shopping so it is not that stressful and crazy for me but, I can understand. 

Today, I am doing my monthly grocery shopping for December. I am going to Costco and doing a pickup order through Target and Sprouts. 


To make this grocery shopping thing not stressful you need two things:

1. Grocery List


2. Meal Plan 

I share BOTH of these in my Meal Planning on a Budget Membership. So, for just starting at $5 a month, you too, can have stress-free grocery shopping and meal planning. Then, you can spend all that extra time on your sweet family. 

Some Of My Costco Finds this Month:

Rotisserie Chicken Breast Strips

I am hoping that if I buy these, I can slowly convert my kids from Dino Buddies, to these. Think I have a chance?

Kong Dog Treat Dispenser

So, I'm pretty sure that this is going to be Hank proof. It is a super hard plastic material and I don't think that he can bite through this. So, at $13.99, I think this will be a great Christmas gift for our puppy Hank. 

Kodiak Cakes Pancake Mix

Time to make some warm, yummy pancakes for breakfast. This is a great option for pancake mix because, it has extra protein that will fill up your kids belly for longer!


If you want to see more, just click this video to watch all of it!